• Are You Eating Mold?

    Opportunities are presented to us each and every day, but do we see them. To see opportunity we must be open to all thoughts. –Catherine Pulsifer

    Horses and hay, they go together. We gave it the ole’ college try again this year but somehow, someway it seems every year we lose a few hay bales to water and mold. This year we thought we had the perfect way to make good come from this misfortune. We would use these moldy hay bales to create a few small berms in an area of our pasture where we need to fix some erosion problems when it warms up a bit. We covered the bales in plastic so that they wouldn’t become too heavy to move when the rains came.

    The cool spring grasses are now coming up and we are close to seeding. The beauty of the green grass and clover is amazing this time of year. The horses are free from the gloom of their winter dry lot and onto the grass regularly. What horse would want to dig under some plastic to get a bite of dry moldy hay when there is green grass and clover all around? Apparently ours. I am sad to say I have spent the past several days tucking, taping, weighting, stuffing, and re-wrapping these mold ridden hay bales in an attempt to save them from being eaten, all while thinking how nuts this whole activity was. At times I have even had to stand out there like a fool waving my arms just to get them to leave the wretched things alone and go eat grass so I can recover them. You would think this moldy hay was a bushel of the finest apples!

    While planning out my next strategy to stop the ridiculous onslaught I got to thinking. Sometimes when great opportunities present themselves in life we choose to return to the moldy hay. We can so easily become blinded to the green grass that surrounds us, a new opportunity for something positive, something better to take in. We often would rather return to the negative simply because many times it is more familiar. Addictions, bad relationships, negative co-workers, bad entertainment choices; these are all good examples of some common moldy hay we have trouble leaving behind for greener pastures. Take the time to look around, I’m sure you can find some green!

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