About Jamie

“I’d rather be on my farm, than be emperor of the world.” – George Washington

AboutJamieI have never done anything dramatic in life. Never sold all my possessions and went backpacking in a foreign land. Never lived out of my car. Never even moved into a tiny house. No, my life has been completely filled with absolute practicality, but I’m rich.

I never thought of this as unusual let alone useful to anyone, until now.

The truth is, for a long time I lived life on a whim.

It worked out well when I was young. I went with whatever I was good at, and took it to the maximum.

In high-school I was good at basketball. So good, I got a college scholarship. In college I was good in science, I got a degree in Biology. I was so good in science I got a Master’s degree in Biology, then a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics.

I found a great man when I was doing everything but looking for a great man.

I got a brainy job at a startup biotech company. I spent 10 years in corporate America in cutting edge biotechnology climbing the corporate ladder.

We bought a small farm. Built a nice house with a lovely barn.

The proverbial American dream was ours. Life was good. So I thought.

I got terminated with the rest of my co-workers. Nothing personal, just business they said.

I lost my career.

I found my life.

I believe we are here to help each other thrive to the highest degree possible. I hope my writing will inspire you to press on, and to live a rich full life. A life you will be glad to have lived. Get started here.

Start simplifying your life today.