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So, You Think You’re Smarter Than a Bug?


Fall cleaning at the farm is in full swing. Today, I faced the mass grave of bugs on the garage window sills. An amazing sight, bugs piled about two inches high of all sorts. Bugs that fly, bugs that crawl, bugs that are out in the day, those out at night. There were so many I had to vacuum them for starters then come along with a towel to wipe them up. That’s one thing about farms and rural living you can count on, tons of bugs!

This of course got me to thinking. I don’t like to personify animals let alone bugs but, I have to wonder, just how dumb can a bug be? I mean when you see piles of your dead comrades laying lifeless in a mass grave, don’t you stop to think maybe you should take a different path?

Like most times when I start to think how unintelligent something or someone is I realize that I’m not a whole lot smarter. People are often times a lot more like these bugs than we’d like to admit.

How many of our friends, co-workers, or family members do we have to watch take the wrong path in life for us to see it coming? All too often we fail to see them struggling and flailing in life and walk ourselves right smack into the same set of circumstances that put them there.

The next time you find yourself performing the arduous task of cleaning a pile of dead bugs out of a light or window sill, take something positive from this not so nice task. Make sure you are not chasing after things in life that seem appealing but in the end leave you sitting in a pile of lost hope and regrets. Stay on a path that leads to joy and peace regardless of how few may be traveling with you.

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