Scientific Abstracts and Posters


Scientific Abstracts and Posters:

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  • Vasenkova I, Cearley JA, Shvetsova T, Jansen Spayed K, Crouse AC, Wakefield JW Designing multicistronic lentiviral constructs. RNA Quality Control Workshop-Vienna Austria (2010)
  • Fewell GD, Wakefield JW, Shvetsova T, Crouse AC, Moore DT, DuBreuil R, Cearley JA TRIPZ – An inducible library of lentiviral shRNAmir. Discovery On Target – Boston MA (2007)
  • Fewell GD, Cearley JA, Crouse AC, Wakefield JW, Shvetsova T, Moore DT, DuBreuil R A validated library of shRNAmir targeting cancer genes. RNAi Europe (2007)